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Heavy and constant trucked container traffic combined with an accelerated ground settlement in a coastal reclaimed land caused a DN1000mm cement-lined mild steel water pipeline that crossed under it to sink by more than 6m from its original buried depth. This then caused the internal & external cement lining to crack. Heavy corrosion quickly followed and the growing leaks forced the pipeline to be temporarily decommissioned after barely a decade. The utility operating the pipeline considered several options including complete replacement of this pipeline. It became clear that the most economical option was to rehabilitate the steel pipeline. A contractor was the chosen to perform a PE100 slip lining. The following paper describes this project in detail and also the unique lessons learnt in its successful completion. 

The KESAS Highway is a 34km long expressway linking the town of Pandamaran in the state of Selangor with Sri Petaling in the federal territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The expressway in Pandamaran, being adjacent to Port Klang which is also the 12th busiest container port in the world, naturally sees extremely heavy traffic from container trucks round the clock. The state water utility company, SYABAS, operated a DN1000mm cement-lined mild steel water pipeline that crossed under this highway near Port Klang. This pipeline played a critical role in serving the coastal community of Pulau Indah adjacent to the port. The pipeline crossing is situated in an area that was previously reclaimed land and this combined with the extremely heavy and constant traffic loads caused the steel pipe to sink by a further 6m into the ground from its original position after barely a decade in operation. The force exerted on this steel pipe caused the internal and external cement lining to come off. Because of its coastal location, this pipeline suffered heavy corrosion. No long term solution could be found despite numerous repairs and the leaks got worst along this pipeline and became so severe that this pipeline had to be temporarily abandoned. Fortunately, this was solved by a PE100 insertion into the steel pipeline. This paper describes the challenges and lessons learned in completing the project and how the versatile PE100 system allowed the water utility to restore service to support the increased demands from the community of Pulau Indah.

Related keywords : Coastal reclaimed land, traffic loads, pipeline rehabilitation, PE100 lining, cracked cement lining.
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