PPCA conference : 1972 Southhampton

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Buyers' Guide to Thermoplastics Pipe and Fittings

Author(s) : 1972 Southhampton

The Thermoplastics Pipe and Fittings Group The Thermoplastics Pipe and Fittings Group of the British Plastics Federation consists of firms manufacturing, in the United Kingdom, pipes and/or fittings from thermoplastics granular, powder, or paste materials. Names and addresses of the members of the Group are as...

Case study 1 Plastics underground drainage and access systems, Margam, South Wales

Author(s) : Smith 1972 Southhampton

My task in this paper is to convey my experience in the use of uPVC in soil drainage schemes at Port Talbot. I began incorporating plastics drains in building projects in 1966, and owing to experience gained I have continued to specify its use in schemes under my control since that date. One might ask me why I began...

Case study 2 A plastics drainage system for a large housing development

Author(s) : Townsend, Marsh 1972 Southhampton

This paper briefly describes the development of a sealed access uPVC drainage system and techniques that have been introduced to improve the testing and cleansing of buried pipework.An example of the system in use is then given. The case &udy deals with the application of the Rodding Point drainage system,...

Development and design of a uPVC diffuser pipe system for activated sludge plants

Author(s) : Coombs 1972 Southhampton

The business of ASL is in providing aeration equipment for the biological oxidation of domestic sewage and suitable trade wastes. Very briefly we provide equipment to aerate tanks from, say, a 2 m cube up to those at major sewage works, the largest of which is 41.0 m wide and 223.0 m long, operating at a water depth...

Hospital drainage - Sanitation and the use of plastics

Author(s) : Payne 1972 Southhampton

There is nothing new about sanitation — it was discovered at ‘Skara Brae’ in the Orkneys that Neolithic stone huts were provided with crude drains leading from the recesses in the walls that are supposed to be latrines. One of the earliest known baths came from Crete and is dated about 1700 BC, some 3600 years...

Plastics pipes in gas distribution and relevant jointing techniques

Author(s) : Mason 1972 Southhampton

This Paper outlines the practical background within gas dis- tribution against which the introduction and use of plastics pipes may be considered. It concentrates on the practical and economic aspects of plastics pipes applied to distribu- tion ...

Plastics terminal fittings and pipework for domestic use

Author(s) : Foote 1972 Southhampton

The British Waterworks Association is an advisory body to the water authorities in the United Kingdom and as well as advising on Legal and Parliamentary matters relating to the affairs of the water industry, it operates a testing station.The testing station undertakes the examination and test, on behalf of the members...

A review of recent international standardisation

Author(s) : Roe 1972 Southhampton

Application of uPVC pipe in a large irrigation project

Author(s) : Thomas 1972 Southhampton

Case study 3 PVC pipes in the Verwood sewerage scheme

Author(s) : West, Warr 1972 Southhampton

Case study 4 Practical experience with sewer pipes

Author(s) : Janson, Molin 1972 Southhampton

Case study 5 Experience with plastic sewers and drainage pipes

Author(s) : Gerehls 1972 Southhampton

Choice of materials available to the gas industry

Author(s) : Thorne, Hall 1972 Southhampton

Design considerations for gravity sewers in PVC

Author(s) : Carter 1972 Southhampton

Design of pipe networks in unsteady flow cndition

Author(s) : Fox 1972 Southhampton


Author(s) : 1972 Southhampton

Education in plastics

Author(s) : Walker-Holmes 1972 Southhampton

Installation for plastics pipelines for effluent conveyance

Author(s) : Jones 1972 Southhampton

Plastic pipes in highway drainage

Author(s) : Northcott, Plant 1972 Southhampton

Plastics - versatile engineering materials

Author(s) : Watson 1972 Southhampton

Plastics pipes and fittings for the surgeon and bio-medical engineer

Author(s) : Lawson 1972 Southhampton

Plastics pipes for natural gas distribution in the Netherlands

Author(s) : van Gunst 1972 Southhampton

Plastics plumbing in buildings and below ground drainage

Author(s) : Stroud 1972 Southhampton

Practical experience of plastics pipe installation

Author(s) : Young, Howart 1972 Southhampton

Six years of experience with uPVC pipes for sewers in West Germany

Author(s) : Dotzauer 1972 Southhampton

Symposium Dinner

Author(s) : Catterick 1972 Southhampton

The acceptance and the place of plastics pipes in chemical process work

Author(s) : Meier 1972 Southhampton

The prospects for new polymers and grades of polymers

Author(s) : Brighton, Baxter 1972 Southhampton

The scope for second generation plastics material in engineering plant application

Author(s) : Howie 1972 Southhampton

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