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At the 9th of March, DSM N.V. joins the PE 100+ Association. DSM 's material, Vestolen A 6060 R has successfully met the PE 100+ resin requirements and, has been admitted to the Positive List of materials

Press Release 9 March 2001
DSM becomes latest member of the PE 100+ Association
PE 100+ Association issues new Positive List of Materials

At the 9th of March, DSM N.V. joins the PE 100+ Association. DSM 's material, Vestolen A 6060 R has successfully met the PE 100+ requirements and, as a consequence, has been admitted to the Association's Positive List of materials.

DSM's Vestolen A 6060 R grade has a high density (class MRS 10 - PE 100) and a bimodal distribution of molecular mass. Thanks to an improved profile of properties this material offers additional security when used for gas and drinking water piping.

DSM N.V. is a highly integrated group of companies that is active worldwide in life science products, performance materials, polymers and industrial chemicals. The group has annual sales of EUR 8.1 billion and employs about 22,000 people at more than 200 sites worldwide. DSM's strategic objective is to secure a place among the world's leading specialty companies by 2005, with businesses characterised by high added value, strong growth and stable results.

DSM Petrochemicals was established on the 1st of January 2001 as a merger of the former business groups: DSM Hydrocarbons, DSM Polyethylenes and DSM Polypropylenes. The new business group employs about 2,200 people at production sites in Geleen (The Netherlands) and Gelsenkirchen (Germany).

The PE 100+ Association
Founded on the 24th of February 1999, the PE 100+ Association is an industry organisation of several polyethylene (PE) manufacturers. Its objective is to guarantee consistent quality at the highest level in the production and the use of PE 100 pipe material. By monitoring the most critical properties of enhanced requirements, it is able to issue a "PE 100+ Association Positive List of Materials" on a regular basis. The Association also aims to create a marketing platform to promote the use of PE piping in general.

As the goal is to set higher performance standards than those founded in CEN/ISO, more demanding tests are carried out by independent, internationally-respected laboratories, namely Creep Rupture Strength, Stress Crack Resistance, and Resistance to Crack Propagation. At present, following companies have met the PE 100+ requirements: Atofina, Borealis, Basell, Solvay Polyolefines Europe, and now, DSM.

Created Friday 09 March 2001