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Long length pipes, which are these days often used as high quality and cost efficient solution in various types of projects, are actually product of a problem that PE pipe installers were facing in early days of plastic pipe business. That problem was low reliability of PE pipe joints. The only logical solution was to try to avoid joints as much as possible, by extending pipe lengths. 

PE pipe production in Norway started in early 1950’s. In early days, producers were faced with many technical problems, and jointing was one of them. In the first period there were available mechanical joints only, and leaking of pipes was standard problem that installers and pipe producers were faced with. In 1960’s, heat-fusion jointing became available in Europe, but still far from being reliable as the jointing techniques today. Pipe jointing problem was one of the main reasons why PE pipe producers in Norway have started to think about long length pipe production, even for on-land projects. Different transport techniques were used, but the goal was always the same: As long as possible PE pipe! Over a period of couple decades, long length pipe concept has been developed significantly, offering numerous advantages to customers and end-clients. Here are some of them:

  1. With long length pipe delivery no welding/jointing works on site is needed.
  2. No risk of bad welds as very few shall be made and under factory conditions.
  3. No risks of ovalisation, as the pipes shall be stored in the sea and rotate during storage time.
  4. No need for on-land storage place.
  5. No need for local transport and manipulation with stored pipes,
  6. Greatly reduced chance for negative environmental impacts., 
  7. Much lower risks for damages on the pipes,
  8. Short installation time = low installation cost.
  9. Due to above mentioned, overall safety of the installed pipe system is evidently increased, which is important to contractor, but also to the client of the project. That is why long length PE pipes became main export product of Norwegian plastic pipe industry, which reaches satisfied clients and customers all over the world.

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