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Plastic pipes have been utilized in the Australian gas distribution network since the early 1970s. The most common plastic type found in Australia is polyethylene (PE), although nylon is extensively used in New South Wales. Early installation of PE pipe was completed using the first generation high density type PE50 and PE63 which has an estimated service life of 50 years. A key issue facing pipeline assets owners and operators is knowledge of the actual remaining lifetime of in-service pipes and the impact external factors may have on the lifetime. External factors can include both regional environmental conditions and typical service usage conditions. In this current study we will detail the influence of the regional location on the remaining service lifetime by determining the depletion rate of the antioxidant package and show that this linked to the slow crack growth performance of PE resin. 

Related keywords : Polyethylene pipes; Oxidation induction time, Anti-oxidants, depletion rates.
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