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PE100+ Associations' board of directors re-elected - 2003

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On February 6th, in a member meeting held in Brussels, the previous board members were re-elected and will keep their current responsibilities.

Press Release 28 February 2003
PE100+ Associations' board of directors re-elected

On February 19th, the annual PE100+ Association member meeting was held in Brussels. The previous board members were re-elected. Andre Scheelen will
remain as the President, who has been the position for three years since the founding date of the Association. The following overview shows all members of the board with their functions:

President and Chairman:
Andre Scheelen, BP Solvay Polyethylene

Vice President:
Robin Bresser, Borealis AB

Ulrich Schulte, Basell Polyolefins

Dieter Bilda, SABIC EuroPetrochemicals B.V.

Advisory Committee:
Christine Bertrand, ATOFINA

Furthermore, Jenny Wang from Borealis AB, was confirmed in her function as Marketing Manager of the Association.

"The general recognition of this Association has gone one step further now by our active involvement in setting up the Plastics Pipes Conference Association, which is to continue the successful series of Plastics Pipes Conferences and where Robin Bresser will represent our Association" says Pierre Lasson, Sector Manager Pipe at BP Solvay Polyethylene

Ari Mäkelä, Vice President of Business Pipe at Borealis AB, also says "after having been concentrating on Europe for some time, it might be time to look for new horizons for this Association. This could include that members from other regions that comply to the required quality levels and wish to actively contribute to the promotion efforts of the Association would join us."

The statutes of the Association require a yearly election of the board members, who are representatives of the member companies.

Last update Friday 28 February 2003

Members of the Association

BOREALISBOROUGEFormosa Plastics CorporationINEOS O&PIRPCKazanorgsintez PJSCKorea Petrochemical IND. Co., LTD (KPIC)LyondellBasellPetroChina Dushanzi Petrochemical CompanyPRIME POLYMERSABICSCG Chemicals & Thai PolyethyleneSinopecTASNEE