Is any special equipment needed to lay PE pipe?

No special equipment is required by our customers for the laying of PE pipe when compared with other pipeline materials.

Pipe diameters up to 200mm can generally be laid using manual techniques, depending on pipe lengths, so it is possible that some lifting plant may be eliminated from site operations.

Pipe supplied inĀ coils is installed directly from the coil and where possible coil dispensers should be used. Care should be taken when cutting the bands securing PE coils and reference should be made to manufacturers' instructions or national or international codes of practice.

Larger diameters or longer lengths of pipe will require mechanical handling equipment. Reference again should be made to manufacturers' instructions Generally however it is recommended that non metallic slings are used. The use of pipe rollers is recommended when laying long pipe string lengths to prevent the pipe being dragged over stones and other sharp objects which could damage the pipe.

Created Sunday 08 February 2009