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June 2013 (PE100+ Association)

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Creating Trust in High Quality PE Pipes
June 2013
PE Pipes
Revamping of PE100+ Association website

Discover PE 100+ Association Website and register for the newsletter

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Advisory Board Meeting June 17th-18th in Rome

The 2013 Meeting of PE100+ Advisory Board will take place in Rome, Italy, on June 17th-18th.

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How to become a member of PE 100+ Association

Requirements for membership Requirements for membership

Conditions for Membership Membership is open to any PE manufacturer who: is a Certified Producer of PE pipe materials which meet the enhanced technical requirements of the PE100+ Association,...

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Technical Insights

PE100+ Quality Materials List

PE100+ Quality Materials List is valid until December 2019. It is available online and a PDF version can be downloaded.

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What is the recommended maximum operating pressure for a PE pipe?

The relationship between the maximum operating pressure (MOP), the minimum required strength of the PE pipe grade (MRS) and the pipe geometry (SDR standard dimension ratio) is given by the following...

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