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August 20, 2014
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PE100 Pipe in Trenchless Technology Applications - Technical Guide

A Technical Guide to the properties, benefits and applications of PE100 in trenchless techniques for use by designers and decision makers.

Trenchless technology comprises a wide range of techniques for the installation, replacement and renovation of underground pipes without open trench working.

PE100 Pipe in Trenchless Technology Applications - Technical Guide

Many of the techniques have become accepted mainstream methods for such works, especially in more developed regions and in large, densely populated cities worldwide. The whole sector continues to grow strongly even in the recent economic climate through increasing substitution for open trenchmethods, driven by lower cost, less environmental impact, and lower social costs due to traffic disruption etc.

PE is widely used in trenchless technology applications, and good quality PE100 is important because the installation methods require reliable, performance materials in order to be successful. The range of technologies in which PE is used is broad:
directional drilling; sliplining; close-fit lining; pipe bursting; spiral lining. In all of these PE is the ideal material yet the central importance of the PE is overlooked. This is partly because the pipe material is seen by the industry as secondary to the technique itself.
The PE100+ Association plans to develop a Technical Guide to the use of PE100 pipe in trenchless technology applications. This will provide valuable benefits to the industry:

  • Position PE100 as the material of choice at the centre of trenchless technology
  • Increase the use of trenchless methods through increased confidence in the performance of the materials used
  • Overcome the barrier of lack of knowledge among specifiers and utilities
  • Enable the PE pipe industry to benefit fully from the huge growth opportunity in trenchless technology

Funding Opportunities in the Project

The PE100+ Association will provide lead funding for this project and will act as Project Manager along with the Consultant appointed to undertake the development of the Technical Guide. Co-funding is sought to achieve the full project budget and to enable the project to go ahead. Any amount of €5000.00 or more may be committed by co-funding organisations and this may include some contribution in kind where appropriate. Co-sponsorship is also possible for interested organisations.
Co-funding is open to all sectors of the industry who will stand to benefit from this project:

  • PE pipe and fittings producers
  • Manufacturers of installation equipment
  • Water, wastewater and gas utilities
  • Suppliers of trenchless installation and rehabilitation technologies to the market
  •  Industry associations

The Technical Guide will be made available through the PE100+ Association website as well as the websites of any co-sponsors. The Guide is expected to be available for initial review some 6-8 months after the required funding is in place.

PE100 Pipe in Trenchless Technology Applications - Technical Guide

How to Subscribe

To find out more, to discuss co-sponsorship and to offer co-funding of this unique opportunity, please contact the PE100+ Association. The project will close for funding at the end of August 2014 so please make contact before then in order to ensure that you can participate in this project.

PE100 Pipe in Trenchless Technology Applications - Technical Guide

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