Test Requirements

Requirements of the PE 100+ Association

Firstly, the ready made compounds must conform to EN 1555-1 and ISO 4437, or EN 12201-1 and ISO 4427. Fully documented data sets must be provided to demonstrate long-term strength of an MRS10 material according to ISO 12162.

To ensure the highest quality, independent, internationally-respected laboratories carry out the tests described in the table below. The tests are repeated every seven months, and we publish a list of materials that meet these stringent requirements.

The user can be sure of a safer, more durable pipe network by using one of the materials listed by the PE 100+ Association.

PE 100+ Requirements compared with European Standards

Property Test Method CEN/ISO Standard
PE 100+ Association
Creep Rupture Strength Pressure test at 20°C
 and 12.4 MPa
100 h 200 h
Stress Crack Resistance Pipe notch test at 80°C and 9.2 bar  165 h 500 h
Resistance to Rapid Crack Propagation S4 Test at 0°C    10 bar

All tests are performed on 110mm SDR 11 pipe.