Boru Döşeme

08 / 02 / 09PE boru yeni tedarik ve toplama ağlarına uygun mudur?

Yes. PE pipe is ideally suited for new supply networks. Applications in which PE pipe is widely used by our customers include: Gas mains distribution networks Gas service supply pipes Water...

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0000-00-00PE borular, mevcut boru sistemlerinin yenilenmesi veya rehabilite edilmesi için kullanılabilirmi?

Yes, The strength and flexibility of PE make it the preferred material by our customers for replacement and rehabilitation of existing pipe networks. Replacement of existing pipe networks in open...

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08 / 02 / 09PE boruları toprak altına döşemek içinözel bir ekipmana ihtiyaç var mıdır?

No special equipment is required by our customers for the laying of PE pipe when compared with other pipeline materials. Pipe diameters up to 200mm can generally be laid using manual techniques,...

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08 / 02 / 09PE boruları içinyataklama gereksimi nedir?

Customers normally advise that trench bottoms should be excavated to provide a reasonably even bed along the pipe length and free of sharp stones or other objects that could damage the pipe. Sand for...

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0000-00-00PE boru tesisatında hangi seviyede üretkenlik elde edilebilir?

PE can normally be installed much more quickly than most other pipe materials. The productivity of laying PE, from excavation to reinstatement and commissioning, depends on a number of factors;...

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08 / 02 / 09Montaj edilmiş boru ve ek parçanın detaylarını nasıl doğrulayabilirim?

Good Quality Assurance by the contractor is necessary to achieve this. The contractor should record location of pipes to provide suitable location in the future and this should be carried out in...

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