15 / 05 / 10Position Paper PE compounds Thai version 387 Kilo bytes
03 / 11 / 09PPXV - Register to the top event of Plastic Pipe Industry.

PPXV Registration Opened for Participants. Go to PPXV  

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17 / 07 / 09PE100+ Web Site in Chinese Language

Due to growing interest in Chinese market for the PE100+ activity and technical messages, and following first successful seminars for gas and water applications, large part of the PE100+ web site is now available in Chinese language.

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01 / 07 / 09PE Compounds Chinese 516 Kilo bytes
08 / 05 / 09Benefit of Choosing Plastics For Pipelines 1079 Kilo bytes

From AGICI, a PE100+ sponsored strudy about the need for investment in infrastructures and the economic advantages given by plastics pipes versus conventional materials.

Including material cost, installation and maintenance cost, social and environmental costs, during the lifetime of the network.

07 / 05 / 09Position Paper PE Compounds 364 Kilo bytes
04 / 05 / 09PE100+ Releases a Position Paper on PE compounds

Why to use ready to use PE compounds in Pipe manufacturing.

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04 / 05 / 09New website at

In order to improve its visibility, the PE100+ Association has extended his web presence to more webdomains. Today both, or, or web adresses...

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