PE100+ Association celebrates its 15th Anniversary !

You have a chance to win an Ipad and other lots! The game is now underway!

Founded in 1999, PE100+ Association is a global industry organization made of several PE manufacturers (today 9) whose objective is to promote consistent quality at the highest level in the production and the use of PE100 pipe material.

Safety and quality play critical roles in PE pipe applications.

In 1999,  three leading PE manufacturers took the initiative to build up the Association to guarantee that pipe materials meet the highest possible requirements. By monitoring the most critical properties of enhanced requirements, they (or PE 100+ Association) is able to issue a “PE100+ Association Quality Materials List” on a regular basis.

In 2014, we are proud to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the PE100+ Association together with all visitors of our new website.

Visit our website, browse throughout our extensive technical information and come back regularly. 

You have now a chance to win an Ipad and more lots! 

Created Monday 14 April 2014