First Examples of Reference Installations of PE 100+ pipes

The PE100+ Reference Installations feature different pipe installations, where PE 100 pipes were chosen.
The pipes are made of a PE 100 material, which is listed on the Associations' Quality Materials.

Where and when are PE pipes installations

The following installations are available:

  • "1400 mm PE 100 pipe installed in Shetland Islands”, 2001
  • "710 mm wastewater pressure pipe made of PE 100”, 1999
  • "Alpine village Grindelwald - 25 bar PE 100 drinking water distribution”,1998
  • "First natural gas distribution made of PE 100 pipes for 12 bar”, 1998
  • "1000 km of PE100 pipes to reconstruct Palermo water network”, 1998
  • "The biggest underwater PE 100 pipe disposing of treated municipal effluent in Greece”, 1996
  • "The first 10 bar PE gas pipeline in Germany”, 1996
  • "The biggest PE gas pipeline: 630 mm diameter; Reconstruction of the gas pipeline to supply gas for the heating plant in Brno”, 1995
Created Friday 06 February 2009