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   Friday 31 December 2010  
Newsletter November 2010 India Road Show

On September 28th an important and successful event has been organized in the Shangri-la Hotel in New Delhi. The Road Show, titled “PE100+ @ India: Solutions in Water Distribution” has seen the presence of more than 100 participants:

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Newsletter January 2011

The annual event of the Polish Association of  Plastics and Fitting Producers took place in Wisła, South of  Poland on December 1-2, 2010 and, following its long-date collaboration with the Polish Association,  PE100+ Association supported this event with its sponsorship and active participation.

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Newsletter July 2010

Advisory Board Meeting 2010

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Newletter May 2010 - Website Enhancement

Website Enhancement:  extension to Thai language and compliance with anti-trust legislation

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Newsletter June 2010 Moscow event

On June the 2nd and in collaboration with Polyplastic Group (largest pipe producer in Russia), the PE100+ Association sponsored inside the CityPipe 2010 event an international conference on "Pipeline Systems for Municipal Infrastructure: Construction, Introduction and Operation", organized by Sibico international and the Noncommercial Partnership "Polymeric Pipeline Systems".

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Newsletter April 2010

The Member Meetign of the Association was held in Brussel son 1st April 2010;  a new board was elected.

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Newsletter February 2010
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